What are your rates like and Can you tell me more about your SEO methods?

We are not like your typical SEO that has fixed rates and pricing.  We don’t have a fixed rate for the SEO services that we provide.


This is what we do for potential clients, we get them to fill up a form to understand their businesses, and what they want to do in terms of SEO implementations and developments.  Just like going to a physician/doctor, we get potential clients to fill up a form – that way we get to understand the nature of their businesses as well as current website conditioning and about what the potential client wants accomplished in terms of SEO. When they’ve filled up the form.  It shows they’re serious being helped by an SEO consultant/expert . This form will be found at the very bottom of this page: GoBimm’s Discovery Form

Pricing – we aren’t your typical SEO agency with a set of fixed pricing for everything. Each and every market, every niche, every key word, every cmv is different in different industries and their respective locations, then there are keyword competitions some are easy and some are super hard, they are all different so there is no fixed on pricing. We always route potential clients to this page GoBimm Discovery Page and fill up the form below. From there, we’ll find the appropriate pricing.

I hope this wasn’t complicated to share with your clients. Basically, we simply tell them to fill up the form, saves us all parties time going back and forth with communications, otherwise it’ll be tough to help them at all.