What are your rates like and Can you tell me more about your SEO methods?

We are not like your typical SEO that has fixed rates and pricing.  We don’t have a fixed rate for the SEO services that we provide.

Basically once someone shows interest in doing SEO, what we always do is route the potential clients to fill up GoBimm’s discovery form on their website.

By filling up the form, we’ll be able to know what to do and how exactly to help that particular client. Once the form is filled up with correct details about their business, we’ll able to understand and get to know the nature of the potential client’s businesses and where they wish to go so we can cater and tailor base on their business goals/marketing needs etc. and build from there, after it’s filled up completely – we’ll get back with a FREE analysis that will be of value and help the potential client with their SEO (otherwise we can’t really do anything to help them).  It’ll also shows us that they’re serious with investing in SEO.

So when it comes to pricing, every market, every niche, every key word, every cmv is different in different industries and locations so there is no fixed on pricing. It all goes back to the discovery form, once we get to know their business. We’ll do all the research and find the appropriate pricing.