Search Engine Optimization Tips To Succeed In 2017

It’s the start of the year, which marked a time for search engine marketers to take a step back, re-evaluate their strategies, and optimize for what lies ahead. This is a crucial step in advancing towards success, especially with the ever-changing nature of SEO. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, then you should take a proactive approach and boost your chances of dominating the search listings. To kick start your new SEO strategy in 2017, here are some of the most important factors you must consider.

Quality Content

Just a few years ago, ranking a webpage was a matter of creating an article filled with your target keywords. Even if the article wasn’t something you’d be proud to show off, you can guarantee that it would rank simply because it contained the right keywords.

Google has gotten a lot smarter since. This has become very evident after the release of Panda in February 2011. This algorithm update analyzed low quality, thin websites. Then came the Hummingbird update, which made Google even better at figuring out what a webpage is all about without heavily relying on keywords.

If you are not focusing on content, then you’re not taking the necessary steps toward the right direction. There is a reason why online marketers repeatedly say that content is king. This will likely remain true throughout 2017, and for the years that follow for that matter.

But what exactly is quality content? First, you must make sure that it’s original. You can’t get away with copy/pasting content you see on the web. Regurgitating information won’t do you any favors. Not only will your posts fail to rank prominently, but this also doesn’t do anything in terms of boosting brand authority.

It’s also important to talk about content length. While it’s possible to rank with only a few words, studies show that there’s a strong correlation between content length and high rankings. At the very least, try to aim for at least 1,000 words. Of course, you shouldn’t force it. Just focus on providing well-researched content that’s worth sharing.

Rich Media

Many online marketers still think that content is limited to traditional text posts. But it’s 2017 already! If you’ve been living under a rock, then it’s high time for you to know that online users love rich media. Diversifying your content portfolio can lead to a dramatic improvement in rankings, traffic, and engagement. Make sure you consider creating other content including infographics, videos, case studies, webinars, ebooks, and podcasts.

Authoritative Links

When it comes to your link building strategy, you must strive to build links from contextual and authoritative sources. You can’t rely on automated link building tools that generate a ton of links in one go. If you have any experience with these tools, you probably know that the links they create don’t stick. And that’s a negative ranking factor. There’s such a thing as link rot, which is when the links pointing to your site get taken down. This tells Google you’re trying to cheat your way to the top.

Expanding your web presence in 2017 requires a proactive and comprehensive approach to SEO. In addition to search engines, you must build your presence in social platforms to adapt to the way people search for information online.